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This morning I had craving to eat Sheera-puri or Sheera-Chapattis. Today I prepared this based on  KGCA( Konkani Gourmet Cooking Artist) Pratibha-Rao. I followed strictly all the steps shown and came the dish very delicious and in proper sweetness (not too sweet and not too flat!!!). I had all the ingredients except raw cashews. Then, I have plenty of Bibbo (raw cashew with brown skin) which I always bring here whenever I visit Mumbai or my ancestor native place (such as Mulki, Brahmavar or Palimar, etc.). I and my wife like Tendle (Tindora) – Bibbe upkary very much. In Mumbai, they are available at any Malwani-Ratnagiri store at Lalbaugh or Shivaji Park area or occasionally at Mangalore store in Matunga. I got an idea to make blanched cashew (raw white cashew) by heating in Microwave for a few seconds and brown skin comes off easily, that way I do not have to run early morning  to some Desi Grocery store or Iranian Ranch Market near-by. I could not do that same trick to whole almonds (in dry form) which I bought them at Henry’s Super Market when they were on sale. All the steps were followed strictly to the word and no variance except I added a few strings of  Kesar (Saffron). Hats-off to Pratibha for this good and delicious recipe. Next time I may substitute sugar with Slpenda to take along with group vacation as some of my friends prefer low or no sugar diets for health reasons. Here are my photos:


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Today I tried with Cream of rice (Idli Ravaa) and without onion. First bhakari was disaster may be due to high heat on Tavaa(griddle) or too much water or rice pieces were not sticking together. As I tried to flip over it crumbled into pieces. I lowered the heat to low flame and added one tea spoon of chapati flour and mixed thoroughly for 2-3 minutes and Bingo! it came ot good looking round w/o break and easy flip over and delicious. Here are pictures:




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