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This morning I had craving to eat Sheera-puri or Sheera-Chapattis. Today I prepared this based on  KGCA( Konkani Gourmet Cooking Artist) Pratibha-Rao. I followed strictly all the steps shown and came the dish very delicious and in proper sweetness (not too sweet and not too flat!!!). I had all the ingredients except raw cashews. Then, I have plenty of Bibbo (raw cashew with brown skin) which I always bring here whenever I visit Mumbai or my ancestor native place (such as Mulki, Brahmavar or Palimar, etc.). I and my wife like Tendle (Tindora) – Bibbe upkary very much. In Mumbai, they are available at any Malwani-Ratnagiri store at Lalbaugh or Shivaji Park area or occasionally at Mangalore store in Matunga. I got an idea to make blanched cashew (raw white cashew) by heating in Microwave for a few seconds and brown skin comes off easily, that way I do not have to run early morning  to some Desi Grocery store or Iranian Ranch Market near-by. I could not do that same trick to whole almonds (in dry form) which I bought them at Henry’s Super Market when they were on sale. All the steps were followed strictly to the word and no variance except I added a few strings of  Kesar (Saffron). Hats-off to Pratibha for this good and delicious recipe. Next time I may substitute sugar with Slpenda to take along with group vacation as some of my friends prefer low or no sugar diets for health reasons. Here are my photos:


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