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Spinach is commonly called Palak among Indians as North Indian dishes are mostly use this Palak in various preparations. This Spinach is available globally and heavily used in many recipes including various forms of salads.

Walee(Konkani word) is called also Malabar spinach, Taiwani Spinach(Chinese Market), Mulayama (Marathi-Ratnagiri and Mumbai side). Konkani household prepare 2-3 popular festival dishes from this Walee. One of the most popular being simply Walee Aambat or very popular in season is Walee-Paphasphalaa (raw Papaya) Aambat . This recipe is explained in details beautifully  in many Konkani recipe Blog –Artists.

I was curious to find different names for both types of Spinach and find actual these two vegetable. Luckily I found both of them in two different locations. Palak was easy to find so I bought a big pack of Spinach at Costco Wholesale Warehouse store. Since Walee is rarely available in many Indian grocery stores, I tried my luck at 99-Chinese Supermarket  in Irvine. To my surprise, it was available in plenty (also whole Jackfruit) and must be in season and they call it Taiwani Spinach. But I did not find raw Papaya to make Walee-Paphasphalaa Aambat (my wife’s favorite, raw or ripe specially Hawaiian ripe papaya is very sweet)  but I was more than happy to get one bunch to make Aambat as this dish (and take a picture) many Konkani’s favorite. Here are my pictures of Spinach(Palak) and Walee:



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